FAQ mDecks Music

For questions regarding Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro please click here See Music issues (See Music) We are working on a fix to this issue.We will upload the new version to the app store as soon as it’s ready.Please subscribe to our mailing list to get notified when the new version is available here:https://us5.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=550795ad0a59390823ae9dd5b&id=2a9906a000 Thank you... Continue Reading →

FAQ Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

For questions regarding products other than Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro please click here. When I use the play along feature on Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro I hear only one note at the time, or some other unusual sound. How do I fix it? (macOS) We offer different versions of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro according to... Continue Reading →

A Universal Encyclopedia of Scales

“There are 2048 scales in music, no more, no less. 12 of them are intervals (scales with only two notes), and 344 of the other 2036 scales are source scales” A complete encyclopedia of scales has always been on every musician’s wish-list.  There are many reasons why having a collection containing all scales in music... Continue Reading →

Target Notes Practice for Improvisation & Ear Training

One of the best ear training exercises you can do to learn jazz standards and improvisation is Target Notes. Imagine this melodic line over the progression: We could use our classification method to classify each note against their respective chord. But this would be a futile effort, since this line’s main purpose is to land on the b7 of the G7... Continue Reading →

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