Politonus 1 for Windows (Manual)

Politonus is a multi-pitch ear training app. You can practice from 1 to 11 simultaneous notes. To start, tap on the play button. A I-IV-V7-I cadence will be played followed by the note/s you have to identify. Tap on the notes you think you've heard to submit your answer. Any wrong notes will be shown... Continue Reading →

The Charlie Brown Christmas Album is a Masterpiece: Want to sound like Vince Guaraldi?

Vince Guaraldi plays one of the most beautiful jazz piano in the album: "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Here are three piano video lessons showing a few techniques he uses during his solos. https://youtu.be/GFqtAKGUOjo https://youtu.be/5ysbX-vj40U https://youtu.be/azkDLCWu0wg If you want to learn more about jazz piano check our website https://mdecks.com and subscribe to the mDecks Music Youtube... Continue Reading →

3 Diminished Chords every musician should know (that work on a different premise)

There are 3 diminished chords that work on a completely different premise (than the other regular diminished chords) In this video we discuss the use of these chords in harmonic progressions from the Gospel and Jazz genre. #chords #musictheory #jazz #piano Jazz players and composers have used these diminished chords in their songs many times. Do you know these functions? They are diminished chords that break all the rules.

FAQ mDecks Music

For questions regarding Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro please click here See Music Issue with metronome and other (See Music) Unfortunately we do not know if or when See Music will be operational again. See Music uses MIT's audio kit to hear and analyze a human being playing an instrument and to provide a report of... Continue Reading →

FAQ Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

For questions regarding products other than Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro please click here. When I use the play along feature on Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro I hear only one note at the time, or some other unusual sound. How do I fix it? (macOS) We offer different versions of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro according to... Continue Reading →

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