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mDecks Music offers one of the best jazz piano online courses, music theory books and tonal harmony apps.
A full range of resources to help musicians and composers improve, from physical books & interactive courses to music apps. mDecks was created by pianist, composer and developer Ariel J. Ramos in 2012.

The mDecks Music products are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of music theory, composition and performance, with a focus on providing practical, hands-on learning experiences.
And with our YouTube channel, you’ll find even more resources, including video tutorials, jazz piano lessons, demonstrations, and product reviews.
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, mDecks Music has something for you.

  1. Music Theory Resources: The official mDecks website provides a variety of resources related to music theory, including articles, tutorials, and exercises. The resources cover topics such as scales, chords, harmony, and rhythm.
  2. Composition Tools: Mdecks.com also offers a range of tools and software for music composition, including the “Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro” app. This app allows users to explore chord progressions and harmonic functions in a variety of musical styles, including jazz, classical, and pop.
  3. Music Apps: Aside from Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, mDecks offers a variety of apps for music education and practice, such as Politonus I, II & II (for ear training) and Tessitura Pro (to study and practice scales)
  4. Courses and Lessons: Mdecks.com also offers a range of courses and lessons for musicians and music students. These courses cover a variety of topics, such as jazz piano, music theory, and tonal harmony. The courses are taught by experienced musicians and educators and are available for purchase through the website.
  5. Blog: mDecks Music also has a blog (this website) where Mdecks shares thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to music theory, jazz piano, harmonic analysis, music apps, composition, and improvisation. The blog includes articles and posts on a variety of topics, such as improvisation techniques, music education, and more.

Overall, https://mdecks.com is a comprehensive resource for musicians and music students. The website provides a wide range of tools and resources for music theory, composition, ear training, and performance, as well as opportunities to learn from experienced musicians and educators through courses and lessons.

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  1. Hello,

    I bought the “Upper Structure Triads Piano Voicings” bundle and it is very interesting and inspiring.
    I have a problem with the following thing though .
    In the UST Vol 1 for example, why is there a “M” ( uppercase ) to indicate a minor 7 chord ?
    Page 32 it is written :

    Preparing the IV of IIm7

    AM7 IV of IIM7 and then Major triad

    instead of (if i’m not wrong) :

    Am7 IV of IIm7 and then Major triad

    All examples that follow are the same.
    Or did I miss something ?
    Thanks for your answer



    1. Yes, the font we were using back then did not have a lower case m so I used a smaller font with the uppercased M (it’s something to fix in a future edition of the book) I got so used at seeing the small M that I forgot about it. Just remember that the major triads never have an M. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Hello,
    First excuse my basic English.
    I am trying to start to use the great books TJSPB Reharm version and understand the analysis.

    I found on page 6:
    4. A dotted bracket indicates a II-SubV or a SubII to V progression
    In the image correspond to Cm7 to B7 chords
    – Can you please explain what SubV and SubII means?
    – The mentioned “II” seems to be the “Cm7”. II is a major chord. Cm7 is minor so it should be “ii” instead of “II”?
    – Cm7 is the second (II or ii) grade of Bb?

    I am confused with subV, etc.

    Any help is appreciated.



    1. I think you should watch the videos on our youtube channel we explain all the concepts in detail.
      But basically arrows indicate dominant to tonic, brackets subdominant to dominants
      Solid lines indicate movements of Perfect fifths down and dashed lines movements of half step down.


  3. I purchased the Target Notes and Upper Structures add-ons.
    The Target Notes menu appears in a dark mode making it extremely difficult to see.
    The Upper Structures menu is white initially and turns dark when “Show Upper Structures” is selected. Please help.

    Sys: MacBook Pro 2010 OS Version: High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G8037)

    Thank you


    1. Hi Michael, I have already fixed it and sent it to the MacAppStore for review. It usually takes one or two days to become available. If you bought it from us it is already there. Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Hi, I’m hector. I have the application mapping tonal harmony on the computer and on the tablet and I don’t see how to export the work I do on the computer to the tablet.


    1. Hi Hector, use the Open button and find and select the progressions you want to export. Then use the button export selected. This will save an xml file you can air drop to your iPad. Once you have it there (find it on your Files app if you drop them there) and using the share button find the option that says Open In Mapping Tonal Harmony


  5. Thank you for your reply. The score is not wrong. I think that skipping to the second ending is not working correctly. If you delete the first ending mark and set it one measure earlier, this time you will run out of one measure. If you put it back, it will be played one more measure. I think it’s not a score defect, but an application defect. Please verify.


  6. Hello there,
    I bought the 1000 standards XML file library.
    I tried importing the file on both Sibelius and Finale and for some reason both softwares do not support the file. Does the XML file work on any other software at all? How do I use/import it?
    Thank you,

    Kind regards,
    Livio Polisano.


  7. Hi guys, I’m writing here because I got no answer to my email yet I had a problem at the moment of the purchase I got the Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8 I could install it .There were some issues, for example I clicked activate without entering my email because I already entered my email at the moment of purchase and i thought i would receive an email with a link to activate the app, but no the app just opened normally. Then I decide to buy 1300+ jazz standards (the first one) first thing I noticed is that once I looked at one of the book if I wanted to look at another one the same first book appeared I had to leave the open menu, enter again to be able to see another book. This is one thing, so as I mentioned beforeI decided to buy the first one of the three, I’ve been sent to paypal I paid (the payment appears in my paypal) then I’ve been redirected to a page saying that the 1300+ jazz standards add-on had been successfully purchased for tonal harmony (I took a print screen if needed). So I went back to the app and it just freeze, the add-on was loading and loading, nothing happened and I was unable to do anything with the app, so I closed it, started it again this time I had to enter my email or it was impossible to enter the app so I did it activate again, I went back to the open menu and it said that that the add-on wasn’t purchase yet (when doing restore purchase) so I’m quite annoyed with this first the fact that the app seems quite unstable then I’d like to get the add-on I bought.

    This may be important this is the OSX version not IOS.

    Thanks in advance for your answer


  8. Hello!

    While I can hear the chord progressions normally through my IMac’s built-in speakers, I’m having trouble hearing the audio signal from the headphone jack or even when I connect headphones via Bluetooth. I’ve already tried different headphones. I could quickly describe the problem like this: I hear normally through the speakers, I plug in the headphones, I stop hearing through the speakers (logical) but I don’t hear anything through the plugged-in headphones. When I unplug the headphones I don’t hear from the speakers either. I already tried to solve it from the audio preferences of the app configuring it for the headphone output but I still can’t hear it despite being able to normally hear the rest of the applications or YouTube multimedia content through the headphones. The only thing I can solve from the program’s audio preferences is to be able to listen from the speakers again after having unplugged the headphones by selecting the corresponding audio output (through the integrated speakers). It only happens with Tonal Mapping Harmony Pro. It seems to be an issue with the app.

    Computer: IMac Retina 5K 27” 2020
    OSX System: MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2
    3.8 GHz Intel Core i7 8-core processor
    Tone Mapping Harmony Pro Version 22.9.2

    I would appreciate a quick response.



  9. Hello again!

    but can I download the latest update of Tonal Mapping Harmony Pro from the MDecks website even though I purchased the app through the App Store and not from your website?
    I think it is not possible.
    Unfortunately the latest update is not yet available on the App Store. Why?



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