Politonus 1 for Windows (Manual)

Politonus is a multi-pitch ear training app. You can practice from 1 to 11 simultaneous notes. To start, tap on the play button. A I-IV-V7-I cadence will be played followed by the note/s you have to identify. Tap on the notes you think you've heard to submit your answer. Any wrong notes will be shown... Continue Reading →

Politonus III: Ear Training for Scales & Modes

Politonus III is the 3rd volume in the Politonus Ear Training Series by mDecks Music. While Politonus I is a multi pitch ear training to help you develop tonal ear training (perfect and relative pitch) and Politonus II is dedicated to Intervals, Triads & Seventh Chords, Politonus III concentrates in Scales & Modes. Politonus III  will help you recognize all... Continue Reading →

Politonus II: A different Ear Training app

Ear training is an essential skill for every musician. Being able to identify groups of notes as one sound-type is not only useful when listening but also when writing and composing music. There are three fundamental structures that we must be able to identify if we want to become better musicians: Intervals, Triads & Seventh Chords. Politonus II... Continue Reading →

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