Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 9 iOS Manual. A Backing Tracks App Like No Other!

Looking for a top-notch backing tracks app to help you master tonal harmony?

Look no further than Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro! Our comprehensive app is designed to assist musicians of all levels in understanding and exploring the complex world of tonal harmony, offering a vast library of backing tracks, chord progressions, and exercises, all carefully curated and designed to support your learning journey. With interactive chord and scale maps, advanced analysis tools, and customizable practice modes, our app is the ultimate tool for musicians looking to take their skills to the next level.

Download Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro today and start exploring the fascinating world of tonal harmony like never before!

What’s new in version 9 for iOS

  • The Analyzer Add-on
    • An incredible and unprecedented tool, not found in any app on the market today.
    • The Analyzer is able to solve a complete harmonic analysis of any chord progression written in an ordinary text editor. It finds key centers, modulations, pivot chords and of course, functional analysis and chord-scales for every chord in the song.
    • Open MUSIC-XML files from other apps (such as iReal Pro) and have the entire progression analyzed and ready to play.
    • Edit and save any progression using an ordinary text editor.
    • Analyze any song using any of the 10 different harmonic languages available: Jazz, Blues, Early Baroque, Late Classical, etc. Remember, although the rules of harmony are universal, some styles differ in the way they approach it (i.e. In Blues you can have a I7 chord)
  • Saving Performance Settings
    • Customize the play-along and hit SAVE. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro will remember: tempo, mixer volumes & reverb, A.I. player customization, key of the song, groove style, and instrument sounds. So the next time you open that song the app will play it just the way you like it.
  • Shortcut Buttons
    • The shortcut buttons allow you to access often-used features in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro with one click.
      (i.e. Hide/Show the map, all chords vs. used chords only, change staff preferences, adjust tempo, key, repeats, etc.

How To Import MusicXml Files from iReal Pro into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 9 (iOS)

  • Open the song you want to export in iReal Pro
  • (1) Tap on the share button to open the menu and choose Export Chord Chart
  • (2) Select the MusicXml option
  • (3) Find MTH Pro in the list of apps that can receive this type of file.
  • (OR) Click on More if you don’t see it listed there
  • Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro will launch and open the MusicXml file in the Analyzer’s Text Editor
  • You can edit some of the chords if you want
  • (4) Tap on the Analyze button
  • (5) Make sure to choose the correct music style from the drop down button
  • (Optional) If the song uses a Im7 chord in the progression you can enable the Allow im7 switch
  • (6) Tap on ANALYZE. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro will find a solution for the harmonic analysis based on the style you’ve chosen.
  • You’ll get a report when the analysis is ready
  • (7) Click on OK to view the songs fully analyzed
  • The songs has been analyzed and saved, and you can play it with the Play button.
  • Note: songs that have been created with the analyzer have an (A) appended to their names

The Shortcuts Panel

In the shortcuts panel you can execute common tasks.

The macOS version vs. the iOS version

The macOS version offers a few more features (such as: the heat map, playlists, etc.) but the principles and operation of the two versions are the same. In this manual we’ll focus on the user interaction/interface elements that are different between the two versions.

To understand the concept and general operation of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, please refer to the macOS manual here:

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro for macOS manual

Tips and Tricks in the iOS version

Resizing the Map/Score Panels

Looping Measures

Resizing the Map/Score Panels

Tap on the line diving the map and the score. The division line will get thicker. Then drag it up/down to resize the panels. To hide the map completely, you can drag the line all the way down.

Use this shortcut button to show/hide the map with one tap

Looping Measures

If you want to practice over specific measures follow this steps:

Tap & hold on the measure where you want the loop to start. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro will show an alert box acknowledging your attempt to loop some measures. Click OK.


(1) Open the play-along menu
(2) Select the amount of measures you want to loop
(3) Enable LOOP

Saving Performance Settings

Once you’ve tweaked the tempo, A.I. player settings, volumes, style, etc. of a song, you can save those settings as a performance. So the next time you open that song it will sound exactly as you like it.

Use this button to save the current performance settings of the song.

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