Master Bebop Improvisation with ‘Bebop Lines You Should Know’

Are you a jazz musician looking to take your improvisation skills to the next level? Look no further than “Bebop Lines You Should Know,” the must-have book for anyone serious about mastering the art of bebop improvisation.

Bebop is more than just a style of music – it’s a language, and this book covers everything you need to know to become fluent. From essential phrases to advanced concepts like Chromatic Approaches and Enclosures, you’ll learn the idiomatic patterns that define the genre.

The book features a carefully curated collection of bebop lines from legendary artists like Bud Powell, Kenny Barron, Wynton Kelly, and Bill Evans. With all workouts provided in every key, you’ll be able to internalize these lines and practice improvisation like a pro.

But that’s not all – “Bebop Lines You Should Know” also includes video lessons covering the basics of bebop improvisation, play-along backing tracks, and demos with the bebop lines performed on piano over the same backing track. You’ll be able to practice and perfect your improvisation skills in a variety of contexts, ensuring that you’re ready to perform in any situation.

Line #21 with variations based on a Bill Evans line over 8 measures.

Line#6 with enclosures and approach notes.

To take your practice to the next level, the book includes a Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro XML file with progressions from the bebop lines, including classic tunes like My Foolish Heart and Misty. With this file, you can practice at different tempos, mute tracks, and/or change accompaniment styles. And if you don’t already have Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, you can learn more about it and download it to get started.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, “Bebop Lines You Should Know” is an indispensable tool for mastering bebop improvisation. So don’t wait – order your copy today and start your journey towards becoming a true bebop master!

Available for C, Bb and Eb Instruments. Download it today on

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