Jazz Practice: How To Create 12-Key Workouts To Practice In Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 9 iOS. Music App Tutorial.

If you want to practice playing lines over different progressions using a backing track, then look no further than Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. Let me show you how to create a backing track with consecutive 2-5's in all keys in less than a minute. https://youtu.be/wxWZY2bIP0Y I hope that was helpful. Remember, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro... Continue Reading →

How To Open & Play iReal Pro Songs In Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 9 (MUSIC-XML)

The ability to import iReal Pro songs into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is a long-awaited feature. Let's be honest, while iReal Pro is pretty much a standard in the world of backing track apps, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro backing tracks are far superior in musicality and sound quality. Practicing with an accompaniment that is musical... Continue Reading →

Study Tonal Harmony like never before!

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 4.1 is now availbale at the App Store The Mapping Tonal Harmony Workbooks Vol. 1 thru 7 are also available at mDecks.com About the Mapping Tonal Harmony Workbooks The volumes in the Mapping Tonal Harmony collection have been envisioned as auxiliary material in the study of Tonal Harmony. The main objective... Continue Reading →

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