How To Open & Play iReal Pro Songs In Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 9 (MUSIC-XML)

The ability to import iReal Pro songs into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is a long-awaited feature. Let’s be honest, while iReal Pro is pretty much a standard in the world of backing track apps, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro backing tracks are far superior in musicality and sound quality. Practicing with an accompaniment that is musical and consistent is essential to develop your ears, music theory knowledge and improvisation skills.

Until now, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro required some basic harmony knowledge from the user, to create and edit songs. But not everyone is accustomed (although we all should be) of thinking about chord changes in terms of harmonic functions.

Now there’s a new feature available in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 9, called The Analyzer, which is able to turn a song’s chord progression (created as text, or in Music-XML format) into a complete harmonic analysis of the song.

The Analyzer is an unprecedented tool, not found on any other music app in the market today. It finds key centers, modulations, pivot chords and of course, functional analysis and chord-scales for every chord in the song.

The Analyzer also has a MUSIC-XML decoder that can open a song in MusicXML format from apps like iReal Pro, and instantly play it using its own backing tracks capabilities. It opens music-xml files, and then analyzes them to load them into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro’s player.

Open & Play MUSIC-XML files from iReal Pro (step-by-step)

  1. Export the song from iReal Pro as a MUSIC-XML file (Share Chord Chart/MusicXML)
  2. Launch the Analyzer in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro and click on the open MUSIC-XML button.
  3. That’s it! Now you can play the song using Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro’s pro sounding backing tracks.
Export the song from iReal Pro using the share button (Share Chord Chart)
Choose MusicXML format
In Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, click on the OPEN MUSIC-XML/TXT button in the Analyzer
Choose the song file you just exported from iReal Pro
The Analyzer will do the rest!

Now you have the song fully analyzed and ready to play. Enjoy!

Learn more about Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro for macOS & iOS here

4 thoughts on “How To Open & Play iReal Pro Songs In Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 9 (MUSIC-XML)

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  1. This looks like an awesome tool. i have used sibelius for many years for writing. my first question is can i export my sibelius files as xml and open them in MTH? my second question is a little more complex- how does the analyzer do with inputs that are not purely chords- e.g. if i improvise in sibelius and export the xml what sort of analysis can i expect . i realize that that is a big question but i guess it boils down to : can the analyzer handle non chordal input? and then much more complicated, if so, how well?


    1. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro only uses the chord symbols from the xml. I am working on reading just notes and turn them into analysis, but at the moment notes are being ignored.


  2. Hi, I just purchased the Analyser Tool. When I open a song in iReal Pro and tap on the share button and choose for MusicXml file I don’t see. the MTH Pro 9 app icon among apps that can receive the MusicXml files (step 3 or more) . I don’t know how to import that file another way. Please what can I do?


    1. I’ve tried it many times and MTH pro always shows in my options. Are you using your device in some other language other than English? Also, try saving the musicxml file to the Files App. Then rename it by changing the extension to .xml
      See you can use the share menu to send it to MTH pro now.


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