How to import any song into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Audio-Sync (even DRM protected files and Apple Music songs)

For some reason some songs in your iTunes library are DRM protected. If you enable the Kind column on your iTunes Library you see the file type for every song. In the example above Nimbus 2000  is a Protected AAC audio file. There's a way to import DRM protected and Apple Music songs into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro.... Continue Reading →

Recommended Practice for your ABRSM sight-reading test

Remember when you have to look for good sight-reading examples at your level to improve your sight-reading? Pieces that fit your instrument's range in different key signatures, time signatures, with different rhythms, syncopations or subdivisions, etc. ... and how hard it was to evaluate your performance? Am I playing this right? Did I miss a note...?... Continue Reading →

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