Politonus 1 for Windows (Manual)

Politonus is a multi-pitch ear training app. You can practice from 1 to 11 simultaneous notes. To start, tap on the play button. A I-IV-V7-I cadence will be played followed by the note/s you have to identify. Tap on the notes you think you’ve heard to submit your answer.

Any wrong notes will be shown in red. Blue notes were chosen correctly. Missed notes you did not choose will be shown in green. You may use the Replay button to hear the note/notes again.

Politonus includes a Training Coach that will track your progress and choose the next ear training exercises for you. You may turn off the coach if you want.

Politonus is fully customizable.

Change how Politonus behave on the Settings Tab

The Training Coach can be used to practice Perfect or Relative Pitch. In Relative Pitch, you have the option to view the notes as Degrees or as Do Re Mi.

AUTO ENTER: Your answer is submitted as soon as you’ve selected the notes

AUTO NEXT: Automatically moves on to the next exercise (if your answer was correct)

I IV V I: You may turn the cadence off if you want the next exercise to play without repeating the I-IV-V-I cadence every time

INCLUDE I IV V I ON REPLAY: Plays the cadence when you replay the exercise.

KEY BUTTONS CONSOLE: Select the key for the exercises. Choose Random for random key every time you play.

Names/Degree/Do Re Mi: Choose how the notes are displayed

Chromatic/Diatonic: Chromatic will use notes from the chromatic scale. Diatonic will use notes from the major scale in the current key.

NOTES – +: Choose the amount of simultaneous notes you want to work with

Octave/Multi-Octave/Chordal: Choose the range. Chordal will choose combination of notes that are more chord-like

For a complete demo of how to use the you can check our video tutorials on youtube

For more information and to learn more please visit https://mdecks.com/politonus.phtml

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