Reconstructing Beethoven’s Für Elise
25 Studies on Beethoven’s Bagatelle in A minor.
mDecks Focus Series

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Learn or Teach how to play
Fur Elise in 25 easy studies.

Für Elise, one of the most famous solo piano compositions in music history, written by composer Ludwig van Beethoven which still inspires millions of people to take up the piano, is now available as part of our Focus Series, a practical approach to learning and teaching Beethoven’s Fur Elise.
Reconstructing Beethoven’s Für Elise consists of 25 studies that’ll help you attain the theoretical and technical skills to perform the famous Fur Elise, a bagatelle in A minor by L.van Beethoven.
Each study was designed to practice, understand and conquer a specific passage of the piece.
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Included in this book:
Form analysis– An explanation and analysis of the piece’s form and structure.
25 Studies – Meter studies over 3/8 (key signature of the piece). A minor Studies (scales, harmonic progressions). Preparation studies (preparing elements from the bagatelle such as theme, accompaniment, anacrusis, arpeggios technique, pedal technique and more)

Original Score and Bagatelle Variation – At the end of the book, you will find Beethoven’s original version and a new alternative version, entirely based on the original composition, form and structure, a “What-if-Beethoven-whould-have…?” version.

Listen to the Bagatelle Variation:
“Not For Elise” from not L.V.B.

About the Focus series
The books in this series consist of a set of studies created to develop the fundamental, technical and theoretical skills to conquer a specific piece, or group of pieces, targeting all challenges involved in said piece, using a practical approach.
In each of these books, the student will learn about the composer’s approach to composition, harmonic language, and the process used by said composer to write the piece under study.

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