Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 5

MTH 5 Desktop Version (Mac & Windows)Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 5.0 (for iPad, Mac, Win & Andoird)




What’s new

MIDI Export
Print Worksheets
Harmonic Rhtyhm
Audio Markers
Circle of Fifths
and much more…


3 thoughts on “Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 5

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  1. Very nice software. Gives the opportunity to learn a lot about harmony, and to test variants without difficulté. This leaves room for the creativity.
    On the Mac, the path where the .mid files are saved is rather unusual and difficult to find : /Users//Library/Containers/com.mdecks.arielmap/Data/Documents. /Documents would be more obvious.


  2. Thank you for this great software – highly recommended. The visualisation of the progressions is fantastic. However, it would be even better if a user could add their own audio files and add an harmonic analysis – is this coming in ver. 6? And maybe a library driven by user contributions could be implemented. There will of course be copyright issues, but given a possibility of strecthing the harmonic timeline it will be rather easy to adopt an existing analysis to your own audio file. This implementation would make a great program for teaching and understanding harmonic progressions even better.


  3. I was very fond of this application. Despite your advice I bought it for my Samsung S3 phone.
    Nevertheless I found it useful and never thought to claim my money back.
    Unfortunately I changed my phone now and your new policy does not allow me to install it on my new phone, nor to update it. Is there anything I can do, short of buying a tablet?


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