60 Top Hat Piano Grooves Vol. 1

Composer & Pianist Ariel J. Ramos has put together a set of 60 piano grooves for intermediate to advanced piano players which include essential accompaniment concetps in many styles from Rock & Pop to Jazz & Blues/Gospel to Latin & Contemporary.

Learn how to play piano accompaniments in all styles

All the grooves in this course are based on just a few concepts and often-used techniques, which are used repeatedly throughout.

Articulations, accents, shuffle, swing or even eighths: These concepts are probably the most important when comping. Rhythm is not only determined by where you place the notes, but by “how” you place them. We will use accents, staccatos, portatos (long and short notes) slurs, legato, ghost notes and other kind of articulations to obtain the groove we want.



View the YouTube Tutorial Videos for more info and Demo Lessons

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