See Music Pro in the Classroom

The new sight reading app by mDecks Music: See Music Pro for macOS (a.k.a See Music on iPhone & iPad) is a must-have for all music teachers and students.

seemusiciconpro100x100 view See Music Pro on the Mac App Store

See Music Pro in the Classroom

If you are a Music teacher or student you almost certainly know that sight-reading is an essential skill which is usually lacking in almost every student’s arsenal.

Becoming a good sight-reader requires many hours of practice (daily practice), consistency, patience and of course, plenty of sight-reading material at a level that is challenging enough for the student but not impossible.

See Music example in 5/8 with triplets for advanced students

If you are a band teacher or orchestra/choir teacher you also have the challenge of finding good sight-reading material for any instrument and voice


And at last, evaluating a student’s performance as a sight-reading is crucial if one wants the student to make progress. Feedback is essential.

See Music Note-by-Note Performance Report, including rhythmic placement and pitch accuracy


“See Music” by mDecks Music is an amazing tool that tackle all this problems, using technology that was not available just a couple of years ago.

“See Music” composes unlimited amounts melodic or rhythmic pieces of music at your level and keep track of your progress to help you improve your reading skills in no time. It includes all instruments and voices, which makes it the ideal practice tool for band, choir and orchestra students alike.

See Music in the Music Lab. See Music gives note-by-note feedback of your performance in real time.

“See Music” will challenge your reading skills and give you feedback on your performance in real time. “See Music” will listen to you and give you a complete performance report with rhythmic and pitch accuracy, missed notes and all the relevant information you’ll need to improve your playing.

The See Music Composer allows the creation of endless exercise at your level

With the Composer you can create three different kinds of exercises:
Note Trainer • Rhythmic Trainer • Complete-Melody Trainer

See Music Demo and Tutorial Video



– The Note Trainer is ideal for beginners or to practice uncomfortable ranges in your instrument. It does not involved rhythms so you can just concentrate in notes. See Music listens to your playing one note at a time, but shows you all the set at once so you can practice reading ahead.
It creates 8-note, 16-note, 32-note, and 64-note challenges.

– In the Rhythmic Trainer mode composes rhythmic exercises and you tap the rhythms on your device. See Music listens to your playing and gives you an instant visualization and then a complete report at the end of the exercise.

– The Complete-Melody Trainer composes entire melodies for you to sight-read. See Music listens to your playing and then gives you a report with rhythm and pitch accuracy for every note in the piece so you know if you were flat or sharp, late or early, or you missed the note all together. The final report also includes an overall score and other stats.

“See Music Pro” is available on macOS. The PRO VERSION of  See Music contains more instruments, more time signatures, and composes melodies to up to 16 measures long.

seemusiciconpro100x100.png  view See Music Pro on the Mac App Store

Watch a video where we test See Music via MIDI

“See Music Pro” is ideal for classrooms and music labs. It is Audio & MIDI compatible.

See Music Pro for macOS


“See Music” is also available for iPhone & iPad

seemusicicon74x74.png See Music on the App Store

See Music on iPhone
See Music on iPad


See Music as a Rhythmic Trainer
See Music contains all instruments and voices

See Music was created by mDecks Music

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