How to import progressions in xml format into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro iOS

Now in version 7.7.0 you can use the ADD-ONS feature to purchase and import fully analyzed progressions into your catalogue from within the app



You may still import the xml files from the macOS version as before

In this tutorial we’ll explain how to download, unzip and import progressions in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro iOS.

You can follow the steps by clicking on this link here which will download a zipped file containing the progression for the song “This I Dig of You”

This I Dig of You

Note : We use zipped files because some song catalogues are very large files and would take too long to download.


After clicking on the download link you will get this screen in Safari


Click on Open in “Files”

Then choose the Downloads folder inside the Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro folder the app has already created for you when you installed it.


You will be shown the following screen. Tap on Preview Content


The file will open. Now tap on the share button on the top right corner.


That will open the share menu. Tap on the Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro icon and the xml will be automatically imported into Mapping Tonal Harmony.



That’s all

8 thoughts on “How to import progressions in xml format into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro iOS

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  1. Hello

    I would like to importo to my iPad the three volumes of the Jazz Standards in XML format that I’ve bought to you.

    I’ve followed the steps that are showed in this web page but, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear on my Share menu the icon of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro.

    What could I do? Could you help me, please?


  2. Except that isn’t what happens. Download to the download folder is fine, but clicking preview content just opens a pdf of one of the books (vol 2), not the screen you show. And the share button does not list MTHP as an option.


    1. The file that you can open in Mapping Tonal Harmony is not the PDF is the XML. Look in the folder there’s an xml file there and it will show the Open with Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro in the share menu


    1. Not at the moment, we are working on an auto-analysis feature. Those app do not have any functional analysis information they do not know the functions of the chords in a progression, so in order to import those chord changes into mapping Tonal Harmony we have to analyze the changes with some algorithm.


      1. I understand but it works when I enter manually the chords in MTH…
        So I assume MTH knows how to analyse…
        It is quite difficult to enter manually the chords. So the possibility to import third parties xml progressions would be a great improvement for your product.Regards


  3. I don’t think it is difficult and you learn quite a lot when creating progressions using the map. But I agree with you that many users want to create progressions really fast disregarding the analysis and having an import feature from other applications would be a great feature. Thanks


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