Learn These 20 Piano Tricks To Sound Like A Pro

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit at the piano and play for hours on end improvising beautiful music in different styles and moods?

Here’s a list of 20 piano tricks that will change the way you play piano for ever. These piano tricks are much more than just a recipe of what to play. Each trick uses a music theory concept essential for piano improvisation and composition, allowing you to understand how each trick works and expand on them taking your playing to a whole new level.

These are advanced concepts but the video lessons and demos make them accessible and easy to master even if you are an intermediate piano player. And of course this is a great resource for piano teachers to keep their students interested in music theory 🙂

Trick No.1 Upper Structure II/dom7
Trick No.2 Intro to Minor Reharmonization
Trick No.3 Minor w/Target 9
Trick No.4 Backdoor Ending
Trick No.5 Blues Ending w/Upper Structures
Trick No.6 Sus4 Contemporary Upper Structures
Trick No.7 Perfect Fifths w/Gap
Trick No.8 Accompaniment Layer for Contemporary
Trick No.9 Blues Dorian Upper Structures
Trick No.10 Upper Structure bVII/m7b5
Trick No.11 Upper Structure V/maj7
Trick No.12 Dominant Inner-Line with SubV7/V
Trick No.13 Diminished 7th Voicing
Trick No.14 Descending Bass-line Reharm 1
Trick No.15 Descending Bass-line Reharm 2
Trick No.16 Descending Bass-line Reharm 3
Trick No.17 Upper Structure II7/dom7
Trick No.18 Dominant Inner-line w/Contrary Motion
Trick No.19 Maj7 Drop 2 & 4 Parallel Movement
Trick No.20 Dorian add9s Upper Structures

Here’s an example of Trick No.7 applied to the classic Christmas song “Silent Night”

You can download the free sheet music pdf on mDecks.com

And here’s the lesson for Trick No.7

All these piano lessons are available for free on the mDecks Music YouTube Channel

There’s an Interactive PDF with all these tricks. With the pdf you can access each video using the accompanying theory from the lesson sketchbook format plus the sheet music with the trick in all keys.

• Watch and listen to the trick being performed at the piano.
• Learn how the trick works by following the video lesson accompanied by the notes provided in sketchbook format.
• Learn the trick by practicing it in one key.
• Then use the piano sheet music to learn the trick in every key.
• Some tricks provide a complete arrangement of the trick as played in the video demo.

Visit https://mdecks.com/pianotricks.phtml to learn more about this amazing piano course.

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