An Endless Resource Of Music Theory Content

mDecks Music‘s “Exclusive Access” YouTube Membership now offers a really cool deal: An ever-growing resource library of music theory content with plenty of music theory material to take your music knowledge to the next level, from Sheet Music • Worksheets • Summaries • Studies • Harmonic Analyses • Scales & Modes • Improvisation and much more

How does it work? Any members-only post will have a link to a webpage with a PDF, accompanied by the relevant video. Download the PDF which supplements the video. The PDF contains a link to the video in the cover, so once you’ve saved the PDF, you will always have instant access to the related video.

Posts Expiration Dates (members must be active for that period) Some posts will remain visible forever in the community tab. Others expire (and are removed from the community tab) after 2 months. Only members that were active during that period will have access to these posts. So, download the PDF in these posts if you want to keep them on your library forever. For example: If a post says: “Exclusive Access Feb-Mar 2022 members” — it means the post will disappear on April 1st. Only members that join any day of February or March will see this post.

Older Posts (post that expired before you became a member) We will collect expired posts and issue a compilation of them in our Music Theory Journal every two months which will be available to purchase so you can gain access to all these resources for the months you were not yet a member.

Purchasing Individual Piano Arrangements for non-members and also arrangements not included in the “Exclusive Access” membership (Sheet Music) We will only make select arrangements available to members. But you can always purchase individual piano sheet music arrangements.

With more than 700 videos on music theory, jazz performance, upper structures, tonal harmony and many other music theory topics, this membership ($2.99/month USA TIER) is certainly a bargain.

Check out the mDecks Music YouTube Channel to learn more.

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