Introduction to using mCircle

This is an introduction to the free online software (javascript app) from mDecks: mCircle located at

mCircle was created by Ariel J Ramos using his Decoding the Circle of Vths (fifths) method to analyze and study musical structures and subsets using a graphical approach.

In this introduction we will use mCircle to find the answer to a basic question (which could then be extrapolated into a more complex one)
Q. How many Major Triads are there in the Major Scale and in which degrees of the scale are they found?
The answer should be obvious to any beginner-intermediate theory student:
A. 3 major triads –> I, IV and V

Now let’s use mCircle to find the answer.
1. Launch mCircle. The layout has 4 main areas.
The Main Structure.
The sub-structure Candidate.
The sub-structures found contained in the main structure.
A list of the main-structure’s degrees where the sub-structures were found

mcircle areas

2. In the main structure section choose Ionian from the popup labeled V1 by Name
3. In the sub-Structure Candidate section choose Major Triad from the popup labeled V2 by Name

And there’s your result: I, IV and V.
Now here’s a new question which I leave to the reader:

How many Minor Seventh Chords are there in a Dorian scale and where are they?


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