The Jazz Standards Progressions Book in 18 Volumes (PDF & Paperback)

completebox.pngEvery Jazz Musician knows what a Fake-book is. We’ve all played songs based on lead-sheets, where the chords are just an approximation of what really is going on in the song’s progression.

Although Jazz harmony is very similar to Traditional Tonal Harmony, it is also packed with functions borrowed from modes other than the standard source scales (major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, etc.)

Take train excerptThe Jazz Standards Progressions Book is the first publication ever with 1000+ jazz standards progressions, fully analyzed chord-by-chord, with chord symbols, functions, chord-scales and arrows & brackets analysis. This is unique material to study, understand and perform jazz standards from a new perspective. The harmonic analysis was hand-made by well-versed jazz musicians and every function, chord-scale, modulation and pivot-chord was greatly discussed to create the best possible harmonic interpretation of the progression from a “jazz viewpoint”.

49D5F311-F03E-45AB-AB82-B8DB27FFEC48Each volume in the collection is available in PDF format and Paperback with coil-binding (ideal for the music stand) or perfect binding; for Concert, Eb and Bb instruments. The PDF version of the books offers searchable text, and easy browsing with shortcuts to songs and chapters in the book and it is accompanied by and XML file with all the same jazz standards progressions which you can import into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro to study each progression like never before, use it as a play-along, transpose it to any key and have the progression loaded into an interactive map that reveals the secrets of harmony.

There is also a re-harmonized version of each volume which includes all the same jazz standards re-harmonized, using effective re-harmonization techniques in the Jazz language.

You can download the PDF version here:

The paperback version is available here:


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    1. Hi Rocco it takes a couple of minutes to download. Which device are you using? I will send you an email with a link. Make sure to watch the video that shows how to download it first.


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