How to import any song into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Audio-Sync (even DRM protected files and Apple Music songs)

For some reason some songs in your iTunes library are DRM protected.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 6.41.52 PM.png

If you enable the Kind column on your iTunes Library you see the file type for every song. In the example above Nimbus 2000  is a Protected AAC audio file.

There’s a way to import DRM protected and Apple Music songs into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. Here’s how:

  1. Download the track from Apple Music (if it is a song from Apple Music, if it as DRM protected you should already have it in your hard drive).
  2. Use MacSome iTunes Converter or similar to convert the track into mp3, or aac, etc.
  3. Open the audio-sync window in Mapping Tonal Harmony, select the audio-sync you want to replace and drag & drop your new converted file
  4. Remember to enable edit on the progression and save your changes.



3 thoughts on “How to import any song into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Audio-Sync (even DRM protected files and Apple Music songs)

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  1. This is the most illogical app I’ve ver sen in my life. There’s no way to learn how it works and how to use the tools. Very confusing. Wast of time and money.


    1. Hi Dave, please explain to me why you said “there’s no way to learn how it works” when there’s a manual hundreds of blog-post and more than 400 videos? (I don’t get this new era of people commenting whatever they want.)


      1. I will echo Dave’s sentiment that this is a pretty rough app to try to use. I assume it would be useful if you already knew all the theory that is built into the map, but if you don’t already know it, there’s not a good way to figure it out from this program.
        I will also say that using a third party app to circumvent DRM is a dumb way to say you support using DRM protected songs.


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