Troubleshooting Audio Issues in See Music (sight-reading app)

See Music is a complex app that listens to you playing an instrument or singing and then gives you instant note-by-note feedback on your performance


In order for See Music to work properly the audio inputs and outputs on your device must be set up correctly.

See Music work on iPhone, iPad and macOS.

In iPhone and iPad audio settings are very simple. The only thing you have to adjust is the ambient noise filter so that the app ignores audio below a certain threshold level (which should also be done on the macOS version)

You do this adjustment in the Tuner panel of the app (so you can adjust your instrument’s tuning and at the same time tweak the noise level before start practicing)


If the mic your are trying to use is not the one receiving the data you can change it by tapping on the Check Mic button and choose the one you want to use

On macOS there are a couple of things to try if the app crashes on launch. Since there are plenty different audio interfaces the combinations of inputs and outputs are endless. Some audio interfaces lock the access to the mic unless the software provided by the interface is in use.

We found the most reliable configuration is setting the input to a non-aggregated input at 32bit 44.1KHz such as the built-in input.

In System Preferences check you audio input and outputs to make sure the current one is not an aggregated device


You can check if the current audio output and inputs are non-aggregated in the Audio MIDI Setup application on macOS (found on your Utilities folder inside the Applications folder of your Mac)


Also the Output should be a non-aggregated one set also to 32bit 44.1KHz

See Music is available on iPhone, iPad and macOS (See Music Pro in macOS)

Here’s a link to See Music on the AppStore

Here’s the link to See Music Pro on the Mac AppStore


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