How to download The Jazz Standards Progressions Book and import the BONUS XML file into Mapping Tonal Harmony on iOS

When you purchase The Jazz Standards Progressions Book in PDF, the download includes a bonus XML file You can import into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro.

If you are in iOS (iPad or iPhone) you can import this Xml file into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. Here are the steps to take in order to do that.

Tap on the download button, accept the download and open the download progress button to view the progress
Tap on the downloaded file to open the Downloads folder
Tap on the zip file. It will unzip on a new folder
Tap on the folder to view its contents
To import the xml. First tap in the folder containing it.
Then tap on select
Tap on the xml file to select it and then on the share menu
Find Mapping Tonal Harmony in the share menu and tap on it
Mapping Tonal Harmony will automatically start and import the files
Mapping Tonal Harmony will import all the songs in the xml. Quit Mapping Tonal Harmony and relaunch it.


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