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When I use the play along feature on Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro I hear only one note at the time, or some other unusual sound. How do I fix it?


We offer different versions of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro according to various Operating Systems for macOS.

Please delete the app from your computer and download the version of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro that goes with your OS from here:


I do not see the option to upgrade to Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8 on my iOS App Store. Why?


The App Store automatically recognizes your device and offers the latest version of the app that’s supported by your iOS. If the app store does not offer version 8 it probably means Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8 is not supported on your iPhone or Ipad.

I bought Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro on my iPhone/iPad and I would like to have it on my computer as well. Do I have to pay again? How about Add Ons?

(macOS) (iOS) (The Jazz Standards Progressions Book)

All apps and Add Ons are sold separately for macOS and iOS. This is as per Apple’s App Stores. We tried to make add ons available across platforms but Apple did not allow it. So we lowered the prices to make them more accesible, taking into account that most of our clients will want to have these features on both iOS and macOS.

The best option we found to make this materials more accesible for everyone is to offer the xml file with 1300+ Jazz Standards and the Bird BeBop progressions available on our website. This xml file is included for free in the PDF book packages we offer. When the xml file is purchased from our website, it can then be imported into macOS and iOS and the customer has to pay only once.

The individual xml files for The Jazz Standards Progressions Book and The Bird BeBop Progressions Book can be found here:


The Jazz Standards Progressions PDF Book bundles with free xml files are located here:


The Bird BeBop Progressions PDF Book bundle with free xml file can be found here:


All other apps and add ons are sold separately for macOS and iOS.

I am having problems activating Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro on my computer. What can I do?


Please send us the PayPal receipt from your PayPal account to mdeckscontact@gmail.com

Include the email address you wish to use to activate Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro and we will take care of it for you.

I purchased one of the Add Ons but they aren’t working on my computer. What can I do?


Please send us the PayPal receipt from your PayPal account to mdeckscontact@gmail.com and we will take care of it.

How do I send the xml file I purchased from one device to another?

(macOS) (iOS)

The easiest way to share files across Apple devices is via AIR DROP.
If you send it from iOS to you mac computer, it will go into your DOWNLOADS FOLDER.

If you send it from your computer into your iPhone/iPad, your device will show a list of options. Choose MTH Pro from the list. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro will automatically import all the songs in the xml file into the catalog.

I purchased the xml file from the website and I have it in my FILES APP on my iPhone/iPad. How do it import it into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro?


1- Locate the xml file on your iPad or iPhone

2- TAP AND HOLD on the xml file (do not open the file, just TAP AND HOLD)

3- Select SHARE

4- You will see a list of apps. Select Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro and all the songs in the xml file will be imported into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro.

I have the xml file in my computer. How do I import it into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro?


On Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, click on “IMPORT BOOK”


Find the xml file on your computer and click on it once

Click on OPEN


Click on OPEN. This will open the catalog with all the songs in it.

Why is Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro macOS at version 7 while the iOS version is 8?

(macOS) (iOS)

We are developing Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8 for macOS. We will upload it to the App Store as soon as it’s ready for prime time. Customers currently using Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro macOS 7 will get this update for free. We do not have a release date for it yet but as of February 2021 it is our top priority. We are working hard and making great progress.

If you’d like to be notified when Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 8 macOS is out, please subscribe to our mailing list here:

Can I import/export music xml files into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro?

(macOS) (iOS)

Yes. It can import xml files from iReal Pro

Can I export Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro xml files into other apps such as Logic Pro or Sibelius?

(macOS) (iOS)

No. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro uses non-standards xml files, not music xml files.

We had to develop our own xml technology so the app can relate harmonic functions, chord and chord-scales and place them in the visual map. Music xml files do not have that information.

Can I import audio into Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro and have the app do the harmonic analysis?

(macOS) (iOS)

No. That is not the way Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is intended to be used. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro was envisioned as an audio visual tool to help with the study or Tonal Harmony. The idea is to learn about tonal harmony and be able to make our own analyzes. By placing harmonic functions in an specific spot in a visual landscape we relate harmonic functions with one another. We made the Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Workbooks. These are 7 volumes that correspond with the seven levels of the map so musicians can learn all about each harmonic function and use the exercises in the Workbook to practice. The workbooks can be found here:


(Please scroll dow all the way to the bottom of the page to find these Workbooks)

Does Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro work on a MAC simulator running on a Windows computer?

No it does not.

What are the pros and cons of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro macOS versus iOS?

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro macOS and iOS versions are kept pretty much the same. There are no differences in functionality or features.

The obvious pro for the iOS version is its portability. The capacity to carry the map with all the harmonic functions, and the entire repertoire in your catalog with full harmonic analysis, etc.

Having this in you pocket or on a iPad at gigs, lessons, rehearsals, etc is a great help.

Personally I enjoy the macOS version better because Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is a pretty involved app. I like a having a large screen and to be able to arrange my workspace as I need it. Of course this is just my personal preference.

Ideally I think it’s best to have both versions and enjoy what each of them has to offer.

How is Mapping Tonal Harmony authorized if i buy it from your website via PayPal? Do i get a license file?   Does it work online or offline? And on how many of my computers (desktop and laptop) can be used?

Once you purchase the app via Paypal the website will offer you a download button. The app is then downloaded on you Downloads Folder. All you need to do is move the app inside the Applications Folder on your computer.

The first time you run it, it will ask to activate using your email address.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro works offline.It can be used on up to three computers, desktop or laptops.

Is Mapping Tonal Harmony 5.0 for Windows still available?

The Windows version Of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro (5.0) became obsolete and is no longer available. We plan to migrate our products to Windows and Android at some point but it will take a long time.

While we prepare these projects, we made several PDF products to deliver our concepts and teaching philosophy to Windows/Android users. These products do not offer the fancy features of our apps, but all the concepts are in there for those who wish to study them.

The equivalent to Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is The Composer’s Guide to Tonality (Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro PDF app) and it’s available here:


Many other PDF books can be found here:


How do I use a redeem code (free promo code) to download an app on my iPad/iPhone?


How to Redeem a Promo Code on your iPhone

Here is a simple step-by-step instruction of how to redeem your fresh promo code and get the app for free from Apple’s App Store. All you need is the promo code and your Apple ID with the password.

Step 1: Open the App Store

Find the App Store icon on your home screen and open it.

Redeem Promo Code - Open App Store

Step 2: Tap on your profile

Your profile icon may look a bit different (maybe it’s a beautiful picture of you). Anyways, please tap on it.

Redeem Promo Code - Open Profile

Step 3: Tap on Redeem Gift Card or Code

Right after you have tapped on “Redeem Gift Card or Code” you need to sign in with your Apple ID. Enter the password and proceed to step 4.

Redeem Promo Code - Tap on Redeem Gift Card or Code

Step 4: Tap to enter the code

Now tap on the button “You can also enter your code manually.” and enter the promo code. Now give it a few seconds as the App Store validates your entered code.

Redeem Promo Code - Tap to enter the promo code

Step 5: Sit back, relax and open the app

If the entered promo code was fine, the app store will automatically start to download and install the app.

When everything is finished, you can open the app right away.

Redeem Promo Code - Successful

Can I use Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro on more than one computer? If so, how do I download it again?

Each license of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro can be used on up to three computers.If you purchased the app on the App Store you’ll be able to download it on another computer for free as long as you are signed in with the same Apple ID. If you purchased Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro on our website, please send us the PayPal receipt at mdeckscontact@gmail.com and we will send you a new download link.

How do I access the metronome and play along mixer?


The metronome and play along controls are inside the Audio Mixer Panel.

Here are the steps to open the audio mixer:

1- Click on SPLITS

2- Click on the top-right corner of the bottom split to open that menu

3- Click on AUDIO MIXER

Can I enter chords manually instead of choosing them from the map?

(macOS and iOS)

No. The reason you can’t type a chord is that you aren’t only selecting a chord. You are selecting a harmonic function and a chord scale associated with it. It happens to be a certain chord in the key of the moment but it will change accordingly if you decide to transpose the whole song to any other key. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro relates the coordinates in the map with it’s harmonic function and attaches a chord scale that goes with it. This is a much deeper and more intelligent process than entering a chord manually. The point is to learn about harmonic functions and the way they work in tonal harmony.

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  1. I am a Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro user and I bought the bebop collection add-on. I use it
    How could I use it on my iPad? Thanks very much. Sincerely, Giulio


    1. Air drop the xml file from your Mac to your iPad and it should give you an option to open it with Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. If you don’t have the xml, send me an email at mdecksmusic @ gmail


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